web application

ColoRotate Web Application

ColoRotate is a simple to use yet powerful color editor that allows intuitive control over individual colors as well as full palettes in a three-dimensional color space. The ColoRotate web application combines the universal availability of a web site with the power of a professional desktop application, providing comprehensive color and palette management on virtually any OS and device. The online editor uses intuitive concepts for controls, easily recognizable icons and flexible elements to create a fluid, uncluttered user experience without compromising on efficiency.

SpicyNodes Nodemap Editor

SpicyNodes is a visually engaging and interactive way for visitors to explore concept maps (such as a site map) and immediately access the information they need. The editor suite allows users to create, adjust and publish SpicyNodes information maps (nodemaps) in a four step flow covering details, content, presentation and preview. The process includes a simple to use content editor based on a tree metaphor and a powerful visual configurator allowing control over virtually every aspect of nodemap's look and behavior.