interactive presentation

Pongo Flash Presentation is a provider of affordable design and development solutions for small to medium-sized companies. The Flash presentation features a dynamic snapshot of the site which changes as the presentation progresses. Similar to a DVD player, the UI provides playback control and access to chapters. The presentation can also be watched without sound, as the voice-over is augmented by on-screen subtitles.

Camex Flash Presentation

Camex is the only business-to-business event for major Romanian construction companies. The Flash presentation gives an overview and schedule of the latest event and a history of facts about past events. Using easily accessible controls and a flexible layout, the presentation can be delivered on multiple platforms - offline laptop or PC, web or projector. The presentation may be played as a looping video in less than ideal viewing conditions, due to seamless transitions, high contrast and good readability.

Bizoo Flash Presentation

The largest online business directory in Romania, offers presentation and discovery tools, and receives more than a million visitors each month. The Flash presentation features a multi-purpose timeline that shows streaming progress, allows control over playback and provides access to individual chapters. Both voice-over and on-screen text are used, making the presentation effective even if speakers are not available.