Popstamatic, pop art creator for the iPhone

Popstamatic is an art creator app for the iPhone which takes a normal photo and transforms it into Andy Warhol inspired pop art. With a retro, whimsical look and feel inspired by Warhol's work and his time period, the app uses a straight-forward flow to capture a photo from the camera (or use one that already exists on the device), automatically process it, allow user customization and finally save the resulting art on the device and share it with friends. Seemingly random, the irregular shapes of the UI match and connect with each-other to create an effervescent yet flowing user experience.

WikiNodes, a visual Wikipedia browser for the iPad

WikiNodes is a visual browser for Wikipedia on the iPad. Based on the SpicyNodes information mapping technology, the app displays articles as nodes that you can touch, drag, and spin around. The design challenge was to create an user interface (UI) that will allow users to explore Wikipedia content through the relations between articles and between different sections within an article, making information easier to assimilate, in a more engaging manner. The application maintains an unique visual style while hinting at the association with Wikipedia through the application icon.

Spring Ahead & Fall Back, an iPhone and iPad app

Spring Ahead & Fall Back is an app for iPhone and iPad that enables users to discover when and where Daylight Saving Time events take place, and when they should switch their clocks. The design makes use of stark contrast, subtle lighting effects, as well as seamless transitions to create a compelling and fluent user experience. An extensive set of unique icons and illustrations reinforces the distinctive look and feel of the app.

logo, icon

TapTheExpert Identity

TapTheExpert is an online service offering advice, in the form of quizzes and guides, on virtually any topic. As the service is delivered both on the web and as an iPhone app, it needed to be branded cohesively on both platforms. Part of the solution provided is an expressive symbol, ideal as an iPhone app icon, which combined with the logotype forms a logo that is suitable for web use.

TapTheExpert iPhone App

TapTheExpert is an online service offering advice, in the form of quizzes and guides, on virtually any topic. Guides are delivered to the iPhone platform via the iPhone app, which provides an intuitive and coherent user experience, as a result of mapping and implementing common usage scenarios. The app is clearly branded as part of the TapTheExpert service through unique UI icons, art and most importantly, an expressive app icon that stands out on the springboard. The app complies with the Apple iPhone guidelines for design and interaction, ensuring a familiar user experience.