Concierge Contractor Business Collateral and Promotional Print

Concierge Contractor is a construction company activating in the Austin, Texas metropolitan and suburban areas. The prints use a gold and charcoal contrasting palette as well as embossed textures of wood, concrete and stone tiling to create a vivid, tactile impression.

Easy Software Solutions Business Collateral

Easy Software Solutions (ESS) is a software development business with a primary focus on expert solutions for the medical industry. The collateral designs reinforce and extend ESS' vivid visual identity by implementing strong contrast, sharp vector graphics and rigurous yet fluid shapes.

brochure, manual

Plasmaplugs Quickstart Guides

Plasmaplugs is a software shop that produces plugin components for Adobe Flash development. Each component is accompanied by a Quickstart Guide, containing setup instructions and examples for use. The Guides feature unique cover art for each component along with a sharp and focused design that consolidates Plasmaplugs' vivid and minimalistic identity.

Lemon Justice

Lemon Justice Billboard

Lemberg & Associates L.L.C. (Lemon Justice) is a team of attorneys that specializes in Lemon Law and other consumer laws. The billboard is meant to promote Lemon Justice on highways, where it's most likely to connect to potential clients. Since drivers can only glance at the billboard, it was designed to carry a short, easy to read message. The lemon/car mascot is a memorable element that can be easily associated with Lemon Justice. The design uses high contrast to boost readability in poor visibility or lighting conditions.